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JARS FOR FLOWERS YOUEON 16 Pack Living Bud Vases Clear Glass Vase

Are you looking for a simple yet elegant way to display your favorite flowers? Look no further than the YOUEON 16 Pack Living Bud Vases. These clear glass flower vases are not only beautiful, but they are also versatile and perfect for any occasion. Whether you want to add a touch of charm to your home, wedding, party, event, or office, these small vintage flower bottles are the perfect choice.

Stylish and Versatile Design

The YOUEON Living Bud Vases feature a classic design that effortlessly complements any decor style. Made from high-quality clear glass, these vases have a timeless appeal that adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Their small size and sleek shape make them perfect for displaying single stems or small bouquets, making them a versatile option for any type of flower arrangement.

Perfect for Home Decor

Whether you want to create a stunning centerpiece for your dining table or add a pop of color to your living room, these decorative glass bottles are the ideal choice. Their clear glass construction allows the beauty of your flowers to shine through, while their vintage-inspired design adds a touch of charm to any room. You can place them individually or group them together to create a visually appealing display that will impress your guests.

Great for Special Occasions

If you’re planning a wedding, party, or event, the YOUEON Living Bud Vases are a must-have. These small glass bottles can be used as table centerpieces, adding a touch of elegance to your special day. Fill them with your favorite flowers or create unique arrangements that match your theme. Your guests will be amazed by the beautiful and stylish decor.

Perfect for the Office

Bring a touch of nature into your workspace with these modern glass vases. Studies have shown that having plants or flowers in the office can improve productivity and reduce stress. These Living Bud Vases are the perfect size to sit on your desk or bookshelf, adding a refreshing and calming element to your work environment. Choose your favorite flowers or plants and enjoy the benefits of a more pleasant workspace.

High-Quality and Durable

The YOUEON Living Bud Vases are made from high-quality clear glass, ensuring their durability and longevity. The thick glass construction makes them resistant to breakage, so you can enjoy their beauty for years to come. These vases are also easy to clean, making maintenance a breeze.

Elegant and Versatile Glass Bud Vases for Home Decor

Our set of 16 living bud vases is the perfect addition to your home decor. Measuring 6 x 13 cm (D x H), these vases are designed with a thin neck and sturdy base, allowing them to stand well and be easily held. With sufficient quantities, they are sure to meet all your needs.

These glass vases have a wide range of uses, making them a versatile choice for any occasion. Whether you want to display long-stemmed flowers, create stunning centerpieces for your home, or add a touch of elegance to a wedding, party, hotel, restaurant, or cafe, these mini bud vases are the perfect choice.

One of the key features of these vases is their clear appearance. Made of high-quality, lead-free, and environmentally friendly glass, they allow you to see the individual stems vividly. This clear glass design brings the beauty of nature inside your home.

The simple yet classic design of these bud vases adds a timeless elegance to any space. The curved neck widens to a 0.75-inch diameter bottle, making it ideal for displaying both artificial and cut flowers. Even without flowers, these lightweight vases are a beautiful decorative piece.

Not only are these vases perfect for flower arrangements, but they also offer endless possibilities for DIY projects. Fill them with artificial flowers, pebbles, or candles. Get creative and add your own personal touch by handcrafting arts, tying them with rope, or painting them with colors. They also make a thoughtful gift for occasions like Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Anniversaries, Weddings, or Housewarmings.


The YOUEON 16 Pack Living Bud Vases are the perfect choice for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance to their home, wedding, party, event, or office. With their stylish design, versatility, and high-quality construction, these decorative glass bottles are sure to impress. Whether you want to create a stunning centerpiece or simply enjoy the beauty of your favorite flowers, these vases are a must-have. Order your pack of YOUEON Living Bud Vases today and elevate your decor to a whole new level.


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